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    2Pc Rainbow Acrylic Flower Vase Iridescent Colorful Home Decor

    Regular price $38.90

    100% Acrylic
    Size: 7.66 x 5.31 x 1.95 in (short)
    9.45 x 3.15 x 2.36 in (tall)

    Our duo offers unmatched versatility, suitable for displaying various items from vibrant flowers to elegant eucalyptus, turning your home or office into a wonderland. Use the pair together for a stunning ensemble or separately for a cohesive decor theme across rooms. Beautifully packaged, these vases also make a thoughtful and unique gift for any occasion, ensuring the recipient's home receives an instant chic upgrade.

    💐 Stunning Design: This vase boasts a mesmerizing Scandinavian simplicity, its rainbow hues catching the light for a magical aura.
    💐 Safety and Durability: Crafted from shatterproof acrylic, this vase is light, leak-proof, and safe.
    💐 Decorative Flexibility: Capable of holding various items, this vibrant vase transforms any home or office space into a marvel.
    💐 Unique Gift Choice: Elegantly packaged, special gift for any occasion, lending an instant chic makeover to any home.


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