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Book-Shaped Acrylic Flower Vase


11 Years of Constant Effort

For eleven years, we've been designing unique clothing pieces, evolving with each customer's experience. We aim to create not just fashion, but a lifestyle brimming with elegance, individuality, and expression.

The New Chapter

Today, we're turning the page, channeling our passion for storytelling into home decor. We've crafted modern, acrylic book-shaped vases, merging aesthetics with functionality. More than just decor, these vases carry narratives, spark conversations, and add a touch of personality to your space. Join us as we write this exciting new chapter at LaVieLente.


Perfect for the book lover/plant lover - This is absolutely the cutest thing! I’m so in love with it I bought another for my sister in law!

REVIEWED on 4/19/2023, United Sates