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La Vie Lente Fashion

lavielente dinosaur hi-lo tunic sweater top for women

 Cozy Fabric

The fabric of this long-sleeve tunic is made of is synthetic, and it's a bit thicker than many other shirts. It's ultra-soft and made out of jersey with a touch of cashmere. It's a knitted top and the fabric is very cozy and perfect for some colder days. The material gives you a flattering figure as well as keeps you warm. The jersey fabric is stretchy as well so that you can feel comfortable at all times. It has a beautiful fall that gives a feminine look. Due to the thicker kind of fabric you don't need to wear something underneath it, which is very good if it's summer. All of the different prints are made of the same kind of fabric. Thanks to the touch of cashmere, it's incredibly soft to wear, and it keeps you warm as well.

Fun graphics

A great thing about this long sleeve tunic is the fact that it comes in four different styles, all of them with fun graphics. There's the grey one with a dinosaur print which is copyrighted for LaVieLente products. This one is perfect as teacher shirts, especially for science teachers. You'll find both stegosauruses and triceratops as well as a frightening T-Rex in the print. The second one is white with a dog print. The dogs are funny-looking and cartoonish, and the tunic will definitely fit any dog lover out there. The third one has gotten a fabulous floral print with butterflies and birds as well. It's a stunning and fantastic print. The last and fourth print is a multicolored one with birds and tree branches. All of the four graphics available is greatly done and unique, so you'll stand out from the crowd while wearing it.


LaVieLente Women’s Hi-Lo Top with Bird and Twig or Dinosaur Print


Cutting and fits

When it comes to the fit of the shirt, it's oversized, alined and of a high-low style. This means that the shirt is longer in the back than in the front. This makes it possible to wear with both leggings and jeans. The fit is flattering to the female figure, and you'll feel comfortable in it as well. If you want it tight, you can go a size down, but the model of the shirt is to be oversized. In that way, you can use it even when pregnant, as an excellent maternity tunic. The long sleeves make it suitable for any weather, and you can use it for many different occasions. The alined style will bring out the best of your female shape. It's round neck which will make you look decent and celebrated at the same time. The shirt is great for every woman, no matter the figure and it's available in plenty of sizes. The shirt is available in sizes from XS to 4XL, which makes it possible for everyone.


LaVieLente Women’s Hi-Lo Long Sleeve Jurassic Trio Tunic Top

Mix and Match

These tunics are very versatile, and you can use them for so many different things and in so many different ways. Due to the high-low design, it's easy to match. You can wear them with your skinny jeans, or with tights or leggings, every option is available. The fun graphics will fit in many different places. The dinosaur print will impress every child nearby. The thicker fabric makes it suitable to wear in every season as well. It can be used at a cold summer evening and even in the middle of winter. The tunics don't stand out too much in color, which makes them perfect to use both at work and in your spare time. The oversized look is always trendy, and so is the aline styled clothes for females. No matter if you buy one of the prints or all of them, you will be able to create many different outfits with it.

lavielente navy dinosaur tunic high low top sweater

LaVieLente's long sleeve tunic comes in four different colors, and they're all great looking. With it's aline and hi-lo fall it will look great on you. It's oversized and will even fit you during maternity, which gives you many chances to wear it. It's also extra soft and made out of a jersey fabric with just a little hint of cashmere. There are different versions as mentioned above; one is actually with dinosaurs which are pretty awesome.











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