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    The Language of Flowers Acrylic Book Vase Unique Home Decor for Book and Flower Lovers

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    How to make every table surface stunning effortlessly? Add a touch of sophistication to your home decor with this Modern Acrylic Book-Shaped Vase. Inspired by the book "The Language of Flowers". One-of-a-kind book-shaped vase exclusively designed by LaVieLenteStyle.

    Material: 100% Acrylic | RoHS Compliant | Eco-conscious Materials
    Dimension: 15L x 4W x 20H (cm) | 7.9 x 5.9 x 1.6 (inch)
    Weight: 0.3kg | 0.66lbs

    💐 Book Design: The vase might feature a unique design that resembles a book, making it an ideal piece for bibliophiles and those who appreciate the unique decor.

    💐 Compact Size: Suitable for small spaces or tabletops, yet spacious enough to hold a reasonable volume of water and flowers.

    💐 Dual Purpose: Designed to hold both real or faux flowers, which allows for versatile decorating options.

    💐 Leak-proof: Designed to ensure that water does not seep through and damage the book design or any nearby items.

    💐 Decorative Appeal: Acts as a conversation starter and a statement piece for home or office spaces.

    💐Easy Maintenance: Resistant to staining and can be cleaned with a simple wipe-down.

    💐 Gift-worthy Packaging: Comes in aesthetically pleasing packaging, making it a perfect gift for various occasions.

    💐 UV Resistant: Acrylic can be UV resistant, which means the vase will not turn yellow or deteriorate quickly when exposed to sunlight.

    👩‍💻 Your Satisfaction is Our Priority: Rest assured, in case of any damage or loss during delivery, we are committed to promptly dispatching a replacement product to ensure your happiness.


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