About Us

LaVieLenteStyle, originally known as LaVieLenteFashion, exemplifies our commitment to merging beauty, comfort, and harmony with sustainable and thoughtful design.


Welcome to LaVieLenteStyle

Formerly known as LaVieLenteFashion, our brand has evolved from creating originally designed women’s clothing with unique patterns to joining the home decor market with the same passion for creativity and style. Our journey began as a small family-owned business with a mission to provide affordable, high-quality fashion to women of all ages. Today, we have expanded our vision, focusing on crafting beautiful and unique home decor pieces that bring joy and inspiration to our customers’ lives.


Crafting Beauty and Harmony in Every Home

At LaVieLenteStyle, we believe in the core philosophy of beauty, comfort, and harmony. Our passion for design and creativity drives us to craft products that resonate with these values. Our very first creation in the home decor market is the acrylic book-shaped vase, which has become incredibly popular. This acrylic book-shaped vase, inspired by the merging of
intellectual charm and functionality, is not just a vase - it is a unique storytelling medium, allowing literature and nature to intertwine beautifully.

The Symphony of Home Decor

The idea of our acrylic book shaped vase emerged from a personal moment of inspiration. Megan, our partner and designer, found herself captivated by the enchanting combination of books and flowers. As a lifelong lover of both, she imagined creating a bridge between these two worlds. This led to the creation of the acrylic book-shaped vase—a perfect blend of a book and a vase, meticulously crafted from modern, durable acrylic. Each vase is a symbol of a story coming alive, offering a unique home for flowers and a celebration of personal journeys and the joy of reading.

Commitment to Sustainability & Quality

LaVieLenteStyle is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. Our products are carefully crafted with love and attention to detail, embodying the spirit of living life to the fullest. We are dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices, from sourcing materials to producing our products with the utmost care. Our goal is to provide high-quality, stylish, and sustainable home decor that inspires and empowers our customers to express their individuality and live their best lives.

Join the LaVieLente Community

We are constantly inspired by our customers, who continue to amaze us with their creativity and style. It is our hope that LaVieLenteStyle products will bring beauty, comfort, and harmony into your home, inspiring you to live your life to the fullest. Thank you for being a part of the LaVieLente community. We look forward to continuing to serve you and bring joy to your life with our unique and thoughtfully crafted home decor pieces.

Our Passionate Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind LaVieLente. Each member brings unique skills and passion to our brand, ensuring a seamless and inspiring experience for our customers.



dedicated brand manager who oversees day-to-day operations at LaVieLente. As an assistant and customer service representative, Megan ensures everything runs smoothly. She's here to assist and provide any information you need.



a talented graphic designer based in Los Angeles. With a passion for reading and flowers, she seamlessly blends these elements into her creative work. Recently, Mia collaborated with LaVieLente Style, a brand she has long admired for its unique style and pattern creation.



from Alberta, Canada. As the owner and customer service lead, Reed currently serves as the product designer at LaVieLente. His impressive portfolio includes the majority of the clothing designs and the innovative book vase concept that LaVieLente has recently introduced.