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Brandi Mann

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Interview with Karle, one of our best customers she is always shopping at LaVieLente Fashion. And she would like to share some her experience here with all of our lovely fans : )

Karleigh and Michelle for La Vie Lente
Some portions of this interview have been altered for readability.

Michelle: Today we have Karleight here with us. How long have you been shopping with our brand La Vie Lente now?

Karleigh: Just over a year now.
M: At that time, how many of our pieces have you collected?
K: I think it’s eight dressed, that’s my best guess.
M: Wow that’s pretty good! I think that’s more dressed than I have! K: I’m beating an employee!
M: Karleigh, what would you say your favorite piece you have is?

K: My favorite piece... The first one I ever got was yellow, Play As A Fox dress. In all that time, it has remained “The One”. It has a tulip hem, it’s super flowy, and everything I have, has a slip. Which is like the best.
That’s the criteria! Slip and pockets and I will buy it!

M: I love pockets, you need a place to put your snacks and phone!

K: Or when you need a hair tie but you don’t want to cut off your circulation. It can just go in your pocket.

M: What new arrival do we have this summer that gets you the most excited?

K: Oh! It’s the Striped Hi-Lo dress! It has those purple and yellow flowers on the print. In the same dress pattern is the Gothic Floral Hi-Lo dress.

M: The one with the green and yellow flowers?

K: Yes! So I got the white one, and my best friend that I went to visit, got the black one. We wore them on the same day.

M: That’s so cute! Did you take pictures? I’d love to see them.
K: When we went to Cape Breton Island we got photos together in front of the lighthouse.

M: Nice! You should definitely send those photos to us sometime. Maybe we can post them to our Instagram and tag you both.

M: Well since we were just talking about your trip, what events do you wear our clothes too? You mentioned a Paint Night before the interview, and that would be really fun!

K: I didn’t wear it to the paint night because I didn’t want to ruin it! I chose a dress I didn’t care about.

I do wear my La Vie Lente dresses to different occasions though. I wore my Play As A Fox dress to the first day of my Bachelor of Education degree.

I wore the Sleeveless Green Floral dress to my first day of Student Teaching.

Then the Bourbon Street dress, I wore that for a meet the teacher evening during my practicum!

I went to a wildlife park in Nova Scotia, so I wore the Alpacalypse Dress there.
I also wear them for job interviews, because they’re fun and they look professional!

M: I like that about our clothes. When I was working in an office, I would often wear our clothes to work there, and I would get so many compliments!

K: I think when you see a dinosaur dress or a dress with a llama on it, it sticks with them in away.

The cuts especially bring me back. My Mum always said the cut is really flattering, it pulls in at the waist and that looks so nice! So that’s what I look for.
“How is it cut?” “Does it fit me like a sheet, or is there shape?” So when I put it on...

M: It creates that lovely hourglass shape, right?

K: Yeah! If you look at my dresser it’s all the clothes I’ve had since I was 12, and I’m 23 now! If you look in my closet though, I have all my dresses, organized by color! The dresser is for wearing around the house, and the closet is for when I have to go out into the world and be presentable.

M: Like an adult! It’s so easy to put on a dress and say “Wow I did it! A whole look!” K: If I have the option to wear dress pants or a dress, I choose the dress.
M: So what fabric do you prefer to wear from our collections?

K: Honestly anything that’s comfortable. I don’t tend to wear a skin-tight pleather. If it feels like plastic I don’t want to put it on my body. As long as the fabric is soft and comfortable. I love it more if it flows as well, I like clothes that move nicely.

M: I like doing that little dress spin where your skirt puffs out around you and you feel like you’re staring in a movie.

M: Karleigh, what’s your favorite pattern that we’ve done so far? Something you have, something new, or an older one that we’ve done?

K: My favorite is the Play as a Fox dress, I just love that one and think it’s so cute. I have The Alpacalypse Dress too. Those two are my favorites. The one that I see on other people, that I don’t have, is the Suave-Ocado Cardigan. My coworker has it, ad she wears little avocado earrings with it.

M: What usually grabs your attention to the clothes that we carry? Most tend to notice something immediately about the items.

K: It’s always the prints. I haven’t been able to find prints like yours anywhere else.
I have a lot of floral dresses from other stores, but they’re so simple.
Sunflowers are my favorite flower, so the second that I saw The Coffee Sunflower dress I knew I really wanted this one. It’s almost abstract, so it’s not just a flower slapped onto something. When they do that it looks like it belongs in the kitchen on a towel. That’s not really the look I’m going for.

When I got this one, I was really hoping that I don’t look like a couch in it when I wear it, but I didn’t! So I was really excited to take it home.

I actually want the DinoMite Dress because there is a kid in my class that’s obsessed with Dinosaurs. So I have an idea that if I go in with a dino dress, they might like me!

M: What’s the most neutral thing you own from us?

K: The most neutral thing I have is the black Space Vibes T-Shirt dress. The one with the bronze stars!
You were actually working when I bought it! You told me it looked really good with jeans, so that’s how I always wear it!

M: I remember that! The pocket has a defect so we exchanged it for you! I was so glad you brought it back so we could solve that for you!

M: Well Thank you for coming in for this interview today Karleigh!

K: Thank you for having me



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