LaVieLente's Animal Pattern Sleeveless Blouse

LaVieLente's Animal Pattern Sleeveless Blouse

lavielente midi skirt rayon with pockets in gold
It's the second time I order clothing from LaVieLente Fashion Designs, and just like the first time, I am so happy with my purchase! I'd say the fit is nothing but perfect. It is true to the sizes and fits just as I expected it to. With other sleeveless blouses like this, I've had problems with a gap between the buttons at the bust, but this was not the case this time. So nice! It has a high-low cut, and I like that it is made long enough to tuck in.






The quality of this sleeveless shirt is way better than I thought it would be. I find it hard to find such high-quality pieces of clothing on Amazon to this price, but this cat blouse exceeded my expectations. The fabric is very soft and very comfortable. It has a smooth feeling to it and does not cling to your body. The silky material gives a nice, flattering flow of the fabric, and the way they have covered up the buttons is a nice touch. The top is incredibly well-sewn, with strong stitches and steady, securing buttons. I am quite confident I will be able to wear it a lot without having to worry about threads to come undone or buttons to burst open. That is awesome, really, since it already is one of my favorite shirts! A heads up though! The fabric is a bit thin, as chiffon usually is so that it might be a little see-through. In my opinion, the animal patterns grabs the attention away from that, so for me, it's no biggie, but some might feel it's a deal-breaker. I would say it's an easy fix, though; wear a fitting cami top underneath, or a nude-colored bra and the see-through is no problem at all.

lavielente midi skirt in green with pockets


This design, as well as the bowtie collar and the way they have hidden the buttons, makes it easy to dress up and down. It looks good just as it is, it looks good tucked in, and it seems good tie. It matches extremely good with a pair of jeans and a light cardigan to have that casual look for everyday wear, but choose a pair of slacks and a blazer instead, and you shoot off a formal business-like vibe. Choose shorts for hot days, and you have the cutest summer outfit, and with a black cardigan, you can keep warm during chilly evenings. These shirts are surprisingly versatile, and I think they have a big, yet subtle personality. Also, I really have to say the bowtie is the cutest cherry on top of this already adorable blouse!

Print & Graphic

With its vibrant colors and awesome prints, this sleeveless blouse is absolutely adorable. The peering cat is just too cute, don't you think? The digital pictures do not do the print justice as it doesn't show how detailed and well-made the illustration certainly is. All the prints are modest, subtle and amusing - I might even go as far as to say they actually got a kind of mischievous feel to them, but in a good way! People might not notice the raccoons at first since they are so small and tiny, but once they do, prepare for some big smiles! These prints and patterns are not something you can easily find on the street, or accidentally walk on by. They are unique, just as to expect of LaVieLente Fashion Designs, and you will probably be the only one at work, at the party or among your friends to wear any of these blouses. If you are into kawaii animal patterns, versatile wear, and high-quality clothing, you have found the right blouse. LaVieLente Fashion Designs surprises and impresses once again. These animal pattern blouses are astounding, cute, and comfortable, and I will order the bunny print blouse as well.

Sum Up

Their clothing has not only become my favorite pieces, but also kind of a collection. I always get compliments when I wear the cat blouse, and the smiles I see on peoples faces as they admire the animal patterns often make my day! Looking at the quality, design, and price, there are very few other blouses on Amazon that can compare to this blouse.


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