I love my LaVieLente graphic sweatshirt, super cute, and fits as expected 😀

La Vie Lente Fashion

I love my LaVieLente sweatshirt, and I wear them all the time! The grey one with dinosaur constellations is the first one I purchased from LaVieLente, and I soon bought the Van Gogh pattern as well because of how much I loved the first one. When the new navy "what's your sign" design released, I purchased it immediately. Here is why I love these graphic sweatshirts from LaVieLente? 

lavielente dinosaur constellation sweatshirt


First of all, it's the fabric. It's made out of 100% cotton, so soft and cozy to wear at all times. This type of jersey provides some stretchy, even it's not obvious, and it's light-weighted as well. It's great to wear during the fall, winter, or in those chilly summer nights. The fact is I wear my sweatshirts from LaVieLente all year round. That's why I have been collecting all the patterns once it released. 


lavielente fashion sweatshirt van gogh white

Another thing I love about these sweaters is that the graphics on them are so cute and fun to wear. There are the scientific ones with dinosaurs and constellations, and it's perfect when you spend time around children. The Van Gogh is such an artsy pattern, and I like to wear it wherever I'm going out at a tea party or to an art gallery. All of the prints are unique and beautifully designed, and you will make people look at you one extra time for sure. Actually, I have been stopped a few times by the random person on the street asking where I get them. That's amazing.


lavielente fashion sweatshirt navy constellation


The fit of the sweatshirt is excellent as well. It's long sleeve and has a round neck which makes it suitable for every kind of occasion. You can wear it to work, and in your spare time, I like to wear it whenever I go out with my friends during weekends. It fits as most sweaters with a bit loose fit, and it's of tunic length, which I appreciate a lot. It's available in sizes from XS to XL, which makes it possible for everyone, no matter what size you are. Now I don't wear any of my other sweaters anymore.


lavielente fashion sweatshirt yellow

Finally, the greatest thing about these sweatshirts is how versatile they are. I can match them with most of the bottom I owe in my closet. You can not only mix it with skirts, shorts, or jeans but a pair of solid color leggings or winter tights. You can wear the sweater on most occasions, whether it's for work casual or school or if you're going out on some weekend adventures. I love clothes that could give you many different outfits with one single piece of clothing. If you're a school teacher, you will be among your student's favorites if you wear these shirts from LaVieLente! It'll make you stand out positively, and it will enhance your personality and uniqueness. There's no time that's not good for wearing one of those LaVieLente sweatshirts, and they are perfect at all times! 


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