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Are you looking for a sloth dress? Or maybe you prefer dogs?

Perhaps you've been on the hunt for a fox dress for years, but never found any? Your search has come to an end. Here you have the best animal prints dress of 2019, hands down. At this price, there is no other dress like this to design and quality. It is unique in all its different patterns, as LaVieLente Fashion, the company behind the dress, works directly with the graphic designer to create them. As for the cut, it is a well-sown dress made to be worn and used. The buttons in the front stick to their place to keep your bust safe and secure. The skirt is half-lined, flattering the hips and legs with a soft flow. As for the material, it is thin and soft, yet thick enough that there's no see-through. At the waist, there's a good stretch, and with the arm openings wide and comfortable, this shirt dress fits a range of sizes.

The pattern of your choice, be it sloths or foxes, dogs or dinosaurs, is digitally printed on the fabric. The buttons are made of wood and change with each pattern to match the color combination of the dress. The designers have really put down thoughts behind this dress and also put a lot of care into its making. It is a good fit for almost every body type with the buttons, stretchy waist, and sleeveless cut. It is a perfect Summer-dress, as well as excellent wear for warm days during Spring, by cooling you down on sunny days. With a sweater or cardigan and stockings, you can even wear it during cloudy, chilly Fall-days (since it sure will become your favorite dress you'll want to wear it all the time).

The digital print might be seen as a drawback for some people since it might wash out, flake off or crack. The truth is, though, that it's really not a problem. As long as you take good care of your dress and follow the washing instructions the print will be well-kept and as good as new for a long time, and thus you can wear this dress for years to come. 

The collared dress-design, with buttons and just-above-knee length, lets you wear it to a lot of different kinds of events. You can wear it to work as casual business wear. You can wear it to a date to feel dressed up, but not too try-hard. Besides, it might be a conversation starter! It is also perfect for a party. With a beautiful hair-do and a cute pair of shoes, you sure will be in the spotlight and catch the eyes of others with the unique pattern and flattering cut!    

 I doubt you'll find a dress online that can compete with this one in design, quality, and price. The price is reasonable to say the least, but most importantly, it is really affordable. That is why this dress easily might be the best animal prints dress you can find online in 2019.


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